2024 Top 16 American Rooftop Tent Manufacturers

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2024 Top 16 American Rooftop Tent Manufacturers

December 28, 2023
  • Does the idea of camping in comfort and style excite you? Have you ever experienced the convenience and fun of rooftop tents? Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself – who are the top 17 American rooftop tent manufacturers?
  • Rooftop tents provide an extraordinary blend of adventure, mobility, and comfort. However, the quality, design, and durability can significantly differ between manufacturers. So let’s deep-dive into the top 16 American-made manufacturers that are worth considering.
  • Kicking off our extensive review:

    Rooftop Tent Manufacturers

    1. Naditong

    Naditong Rooftop Tent Manufacturers

    Despite being based in China, Naditong makes its mark globally and is renowned for supplying high-quality rooftop tents at affordable prices. Chinese manufacturing efficiency allows for competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Their established global shipping service ensures that products are delivered swiftly and safely to the US.

    For the rest of this list, we’ll be focusing specifically on American-made manufacturers.

    2. Tepui Tents

    Tepui Tents

    California-based Tepui is famous for its diverse range of rooftop tents. Their tents are designed to be sturdy and weather-resistant, making them ideal for all kinds of adventures. Their designs include both hard shell and soft shell models, each created with careful attention to detail and durability. Their range also includes a variety of sizes to suit different requirements and vehicle sizes.


    In November 2018, Tepui was acquired by Thule Group, an international leader in outdoor products. This marked a significant milestone for Tepui, expanding its reach and distribution capabilities globally.

    3. Roofnest


    Roofnest, a Colorado-based company, is renowned for its sleek, aerodynamic hard shell rooftop tents. Built to endure rugged conditions, Roofnest tents are known for their long-lasting durability and easy setup. This company places an emphasis on design and user comfort, ensuring every trip is a memorable experience.

    4. Front Runner Outfitters

    Front Runner Outfitters

    Based in California, Front Runner Outfitters produces rooftop tents that are lightweight yet incredibly robust. In addition, they offer a variety of overlanding gear, ensuring you’re fully equipped for your outdoor adventures.

    5. CVT (Cascadia Vehicle Tents)

    CVT (Cascadia Vehicle Tents)

    Cascadia Vehicle Tents, or CVT, operates out of Oregon and is recognized for both their high-quality rooftop tents and their excellent customer service. Their range includes a variety of models to cater to different vehicles and camping needs.

    6. Yakima


    Yakima is another company hailing from Oregon. They offer rooftop tents as part of a wider range of vehicle accessories, with a focus on durability, convenience, and comfort. Their SkyRise tent series is particularly popular.

    7. Smittybilt


    California-based Smittybilt offers rooftop tents alongside a range of 4×4 equipment. Known for their durability and affordability, Smittybilt tents are a solid choice for off-road adventures.

    8. Go Fast Campers

    Go Fast Campers

    Montana-based Go Fast Campers specializes in lightweight, durable rooftop tents. Their hard shell tents are designed to withstand even the toughest of outdoor conditions.

    9. Overland Vehicle Systems

    Overland Vehicle Systems

    Overland Vehicle Systems based in California, offers a range of rooftop tents featuring durable materials, innovative designs, and excellent build quality.

    10. BunduTec


    BunduTec in Iowa is known for its unique electric rooftop tents, offering convenience and easy setup at the push of a button.

    11. Treeline Outdoors

    Treeline Outdoors

    Treeline Outdoors, an Alberta-based company, is popular in the US for its durable, weather-resistant rooftop tents. Their designs focus on comfort and user-friendly setup.

    12. Wild Coast Tents

    Nova Scotia-based Wild Coast Tents offers rooftop tents that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also known for their exceptional customer service.

    13. Guana Equipment

    Guana Equipment

    Colorado-based Guana Equipment offers a range of rooftop tents known for their excellent quality, durability, and comfort.

    14. Hutch Tents

    Hutch Tents

    Hutch Tents based in California, offers a variety of affordable, easy-to-install rooftop tents made for both cars and trucks.

    15. Roam Adventure Co

    Tennessee-based Roam Adventure Co is known for its rugged, durable rooftop tents, designed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

    16. Free Spirit Recreation

    Free Spirit Recreation

    Oregon-based Free Spirit Recreation offers a range of innovative rooftop tents designed to provide comfort and convenience in the great outdoors.


    Choosing the right rooftop tent from a reliable manufacturer can significantly enhance your camping experience. From Naditong’s exceptional value for money to the rugged designs of Tepui, Roofnest, and others, there’s a suitable tent for every outdoor enthusiast on this list.

    If you need more information or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below. We’re here to ensure you find the rooftop tent that will match your adventurous spirit.

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