Is Roofnest made in the USA?

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Is Roofnest made in the USA?

December 29, 2023

Of course not, Roofnests are not manufactured in the USA, they are actually produced in China and are owned by Tim Nickles, with a head office located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Roofnest offers a range of innovative and well-crafted rooftop tents that cater to the needs of off-road and overland adventurers. With a focus on design and functionality, Roofnest products are a perfect fit for those who value reliability and quality.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of Roofnest’s products and what sets them apart in the market:

Roofnest Overviews

Roofnest Overviews
  • Owner: Tim Nickles
  • Website:
  • Founded: 2016
  • Head Office: Boulder, Colorado, USA
  • Delivery: 5-13 days from USA warehouse
  • Hot Selling Products: Falcon, Sparrow, and Condor rooftop tents
  • Advantages: Roofnest rooftop tents are known for their durable construction, easy setup, and aerodynamic designs.
Roofnest Overviews

Who Owns Roofnest?

Tim Nickles is the owner of Roofnest.

Roofnest Overviews
Tim Nickles Introduce Screenshot on Linkedln

Where Does Roofnest Ship From?

Roofnest rooftop tents are shipped directly from the manufacturer in China to a warehouse located in Los Angeles. From there, the tents are then shipped to the customer’s designated address.

iKamper vs Roofnest

  • Form Factor: Roofnest is flush with the truck bed while iKamper hangs over the back.
  • Interior Space: Roofnest having more square footage.
  • Vertical Space and Headroom: Both tents have the same vertical space and headroom.
  • Price Difference: Roofnest is about $1,000 cheaper than iKamper.
  • Accessories: Roofnest includes accessories like shoe bags, lighting, and a mesh sand mat, while iKamper charges extra for these.
  • Color: iKamper has a darker fabric that blocks out more sunlight, while Roofnest is more grayish-blue.
  • Material: Both tents have similar material and thickness, with the same waterproofing rating.
  • Awning: Roofnest’s awnings do a better job at blocking rain and wind, while iKamper has a silicone clear window panel.
  • Mattress: Roofnest’s mattress is thicker out of the box, while iKamper offers a denser foam mattress.
  • Ladder System: The ladder system of Roofnest is considered easier to use than iKamper’s telescoping ladder.

Affordable Alternatives:Rooftop Tent Manufacturers in China

Roofnest offers premium-priced rooftop tents, and while they provide excellent quality, there are also more budget-friendly alternatives available from various manufacturers in China. These Chinese manufacturers offer a diverse selection of products to suit different customer preferences and needs. Let’s explore the top rooftop tent manufacturers in China that cater to a range of budgets:

Nadiotng– China

Nadiotng is a renowned rooftop tent manufacturer located in China. Nadiotng has gained recognition for its commitment to product quality and exceptional customer service. They specialize in producing both hardshell and soft top rooftop tents, designed specifically for 4WD, trailer, and camping purposes. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Nadiotng aims to provide specialized services and prioritize customer needs and preferences. Their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement ensures they stay at the forefront of the market.

Product Positioning: Premium-Quality

Services: OEM; ODM; Customization for Building Your Brand; small MOQ to start

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